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Can You use an extra 2.4 million++ Gross a year?

manglobeThe old way says:

10 sales people wait on 4 people each per day = 40 clients.    Close ratio = (NADA says 25%) = 10   $2,000.00 avge gross = $20,000.00 per day  per month using 25 days = $500,000.00 X 12 months = $6,000,000.00 Front Gross

The UpsLog way says:

10 sales people and using 4 each per day with a closing ratio of 35% within the first 60 days will take that to $8,400,000.00++ Gross   Your traffic should increase within 6 months to let your salespeople wait on more people and the closing ratio will get higher.  Think about the extra back end Gross.  We make the product fit your way of business on five user and above  That is like having your own personalized software.

Total benefit:

More profit!    Happier Sales people!   Happier managers!   Happier Customers!   More referrals!





You can pay one of the large companies $1500 - $3500 a month for a similar service






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