UpsLogs Features


Runs internal in a computer or on a local network and not normally open to the internet.

Runs on any Windows based computer system and/or server from windows xp3 through windows 10

Each salesperson/manager clients are secure from others.  Explained:  Salesperson 1 does not see Saleperson 2's clients. 

Inventory is shared across all users.

Each person that has access to the system has their own log in and password set or mandated by management with only the permissions given by mangement. 

Data is encrypted in the tables.  You cannot open the tables with excel, word or other without getting rubbish.  All the major components are password protected as well. 

Built using the current standard resolution of 1024 x 728 that will normally be the best view of the application.

Data Entry

With a new client, just start entering their name, address and all you can.  There is a place for notes as well so you can remember later.  One hint here:  Many times I hand the keyboard to the client and let them do a lot of it because they seem to fill in more fields when it is right in front of them.  Be sure to put the stock number of the vehicle in as well.  You can change it as needed.  The stock numer will show all the information including the miles when it came in and there is a place for you to add equipment to the Buyers Order..

You can have one trade or 100 trades, there really is no limit.  You may need longer paper to print the Buyer's Order.

Some dealers allow you to do the numbers and some do not, so put in the numbers if you want and even run the payments(you can hide them). 

Print a buyers order in several different ways.  Print the supplied dealership forms or a generic.  This can also be done with just the difference showing on the form.  Try out the different prints until happy.  We do have custom form services available(free for first 30 days(on the larger user sales).

Other forms are mostly generic on white paper, but you can optionally have those made to print the form you have.

There is an area(where I made tons of money) that you can put in vehicles the client will buy.  This can be printed to a list that you can carry to managers so they know what the salespeople are looking for.

If selling the same client another car later, there is a look up where you can have the old information brought right into the new sale.  Saves a lot of time


Put the inventory into the application so you have all the figures at the time of sale.  One trick to this was to use the application to print the extra window stickers like stock cards and such.  This was the job of the lot people and they enjoyed doing it that way.  It was faster and easier.  They had an old cast off computer they used and could only get to the part of UpsLogs they needed to use. 

You can do all the normal inventory lists needed, with costs and/or prices  or no numbers.

If you are selling a car before it is placed in inventory, when you put in the vin, it will usually fill in a lot of the car for you anyhow. 


Bank contracts can be printed and will be supplied for the first 30 days to all but the single user purchase.  We will need several of the contracts you want printed (5 blanks and 2 filled out like you want them) before we can set them up in the system.

All other filled forms will need 5 copies and 2 more filled in your way so I can make sure the compare to your printer and your leagal requirements. 

Preferably, you will pe printing multiple copy paperwork on a dot matrix printer. 

One Note:  I will not even try to work on copies from a copy machine or faxed/emailed copies.  All must be originals.

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