Some helpful hints to questions that have been asked

Q: What is included in the free forms and reports needed in the first 30 days of purchase?
A: Reports would be for printing of plain paper forms needed for delivery and contracts where they get filled in(called preprinted forms).  Explain:  You wish the client to sign an as-is form of your own design, send a copy to me and you will get the ability to print the form every time you wish.  If it is a fill in form like a state title application, send 5 that are blank and 2 that are filled out the way you need them and I can make it all fill in correctly.  I DO NOT work with copies!  All forms must be originals!

Q: What type printer do I need for printing the forms?
For contracts and other multi-copy forms, you need a real good dot matrix printer comparable to the Okidata 320T or 321T(or equivalent) for strength and speed.  For single copy forms, you can use the same printer or an Ink-Jet.  If you are going to use fill in forms where the application is going to fill in the blanks on a form, I strongly suggest a good Epson Inkjet.  Epson is closer to straight through so less print distortion.

Q: Do the single user versions come with extra reports for the first 30 days?
A: No.  However, if a particular request is made by enough users, it could get implemented in an update and be available to all single users.  The single user or salesman version is only for followup and basic csi and other features.  Although it is on the same platform, all the extras that are available for a dealership are not usually needed for a single sales person.

Q: If I get the five user version or larger and wish to have a contract made using a specific form for cashing at a bank, now much and how long would it take.
A: I would need 5 copies of the contract and 2 more filled in like you need them.  It would take about 1 week to get this done and cost about $150.00.  This is free if specified in the first 30 days of the purchase of the 5 or more users.  It would be put up as an update download specifically for your company. 

Q: Why is there no Free download available?
A: There may one day be a free download of Ups Logs as a demo version, but the hours spent so far on this application numbers in the thousands.  That is continuing as this is written for easier and faster ways for the salesperson.  There is also many small nuances(not bugs) that could be better.  These are being addressed.  The time taken to build or change for a demo version takes a lot of time to get going.  I don't see that happening real soon.

Q: Is UpsLogs only for car sales?
A: Upslogs has the abilities built in for Cars, Boats, RV's, Airplanes, And most other motor vehicles.  I also have people using it for many other industries that have nothing to do with motor vehicles.  They just skip the inventory portion.  I have recently been asked by a large insurance conglomerate to make a modified version for their industry that will be used nationally and in several other countries. 

Q: Can the application figure payments for weekly Buy Here Pay Here or Leasing?
A: There is movement to go that way, but to date, not one client has asked for that.  If enough users need it, we will sit down and implement it.  The basics are already in place, but the mathmatics are not in place.  The weekly is not like you can take a monthly payment and divide by 4.333.  It changes days to first, incremental interest amounts, Left over(last) payments and the government regulates it in various ways as determined by their ideas of Regulation "Z". 










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