About UpsLog

Designed to help Auto salespeople and managers keep track and get more sales!

Why UpsLogs?  over 1,358 installations of the various versions in auto/boat/truck/motorcycle dealerships.

Back about 55 years ago, when I was a young boy and trying to sell cars, I kept a list of people I talked to and about what we discussed pertaining to a vehicle. It didn't matter that I left my notebook on a table for the world to see.  It was a small area and everybody knew everybody and what they were doing.  There was no rule about Privacy.

When I joined a new car dealership, the rules were pretty much the same and we all listed out customers on a paper hanging on a wall and kept our personal notes in the same old notebook. 

Later, a couple of companies came out with a very large, well organized book that they sold to the dealerships for the sales force to use.  Each salesperson had one.  We carried it to the sales meeting every morning and discussed what we were doing with the manager and others.  We also left it on our desk where anyone coming in could see it.

About 20 years ago, this whole process became a possible invasion of privacy because people were stealing other peoples information.

What to do

I started a small computer program to keep track of my customer contacts.  At first it was done in a word processor and later was moved to a spread sheet.  These not being very private and extremely cumbersome to use, I made a small database to track my customers and sales.  Later, I added ability to keep the financials and the complete deals in the database. 

Then A Dealer saw it

The dealer I was working for at that time saw what I was doing and asked if the other salespeople could do the same?  I gave my permission, so all of us used it with some astounding results.  Our sales went up and up.

He then asked if it could all be put together and a manager's view put in?  I agreed and prepared the complete application so we could put it on a master(server) computer and it was used by all

I extended it so it could be used as a desking tool as well as a complete follow-up system.  As things would happen, the dealer retired and left the business and I moved on to another dealership in another area.

Then I sold a copy 

The dealer I went to work for saw it and paid me so he could run it in his four dealerships.  Every time a manager went to another dealership somewhere, I sold another copy. 

It became a nice second business.


I do sell it as a desktop software to run at dealerships and by salesmen on their own.  I do it more as a help for salespeople and managers than as an income vehicle. 
Many issues have been crossed over the years to keep the clien't information safe including but not limited to encryption, user names, passwords and secure fields that can't be viewed.

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